Work resumes on Val-des-Brises A-440 overpass/interchange

Transport Quebec has announced that work is resuming on the Val-des-Brises interchange, an overpass spanning Autoroute 440 near Autoroute 19 and Pie IX Blvd.

Although the project started in August last year, it was put on hold until April 6 when work resumes.

The work, which is expected to last two years, will be taking place mostly during the day, although some may also be carried out at night in order to minimize the impact on traffic.

Autoroute 440, as well as its service roads and access ramps, could be partly closed at times over the next 24 months because of the work.

When that is the case, detours will be created and speed limits will be reduced within work zones.

The transport ministry is managing the project on behalf of the City of Laval which is sponsoring the project.