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Dead 7-year-old Chomedey girl’s mother released on $1,000 bail bond

The mother of 7-year-old Chomedey girl who suffered a gruesome death at home in early January was released on a $1,000 bail bond on...

Quebec issues warning about undeclared ingredients in pizzas sold at Marché Adonis

The Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Inspection has issued a warning of particular interest to persons with compromised immune systems regarding food products sold at Marché Adonis which were made with non-pasteurized milk that was not declared on the packaging.

The table below shows some of the products

Denomination of productFormatLot visé
« PARMESAN CHEESE GRANA PADANO »VariedUnits packaged in store and sold up to September 23 2020

The Ministry is also advising that persons suffering from an allergy or intolerance to Grenoble nuts or peanuts, to mustard, to milk, to eggs, to sesame, to soya or to sulfites shouldn’t consume the product in the following table. This product could contain any of these ingredients, which are not declared on the packaging.

Denomination of productFlavourFormatLot targeted
« PIZZA ADONIS »VariousSingleUnits sold until September 23 2020

The ministry says the products in question were offered for sale up to Sept. 23 inclusively, at all stores in the Marché Adonis network. They were sold while refrigerated. They were covered by a clear plastic wrap and were labeled as having been produced by “Groupe Adonis inc.”

The ministry noted that the company has voluntarily recalled the products in question and has worked closely with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Inspection to get the word out about the recall.

Persons with compromised immune systems who are in possession of any of these products are advised to return them to the store where they were purchased, or to use them as ingredients in other dishes cooked to at least 74 °C, or to throw them out.

Those with allegies to Grenoble nuts or peanuts, mustard, milk, eggs, sesame, soya or sulfites are advised to return the products to the store where they were purchased or to throw them out. The ministry noted that to date there have been no reports of illness or adverse effects connected to the products in question.

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