Outplay prostate cancer during Procure’s ‘Hockey Nights’

Help raise money to combat prostate cancer in men

Missing your regular hockey games with your favourite team? Is your sense of competitiveness itching for a new challenge? Like many people, cancer isn’t on the ice either. When the world went on pause during the COVID-19 pandemic, the relentless disease continued to progress.

From now until March 1, you can participate in the second edition of PROCURE’s ‘Hockey Nights’ and get the chance to bring your team to play a game at the Bell Center  in the presence of this year’s Honorary President Dany Dubé, a well-known play-by-play announcer among Quebec’s French-language radio listeners.

Financing research

PROCURE is a Montreal-based charitable organization engaged in the fight against prostate cancer. It educates, supports, and informs people affected by this disease. It promotes and contributes to the financing of scientific and medical research.

‘We were all very impacted by what happened to Jean Pagé,’ says play-by-play radio announcer Dany Dubé

Last year, amateur hockey enthusiasts were invited to dedicate a match from their regular playing schedule to efforts being made to combat prostate cancer. This year, since no one is able to get onto the ice because of the COVID-19 pandemic, supporters are being encouraged to raise funds for the cause. Up to now, 26 teams and leagues have signed up.

Common in men

Prostate cancer is a disease that usually progresses quite slowly and is completely curable when detected at an early stage. It is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men. In the majority of cases, and in the absence of spread elsewhere in the body (metastases), the survival rate is excellent. Hence the importance of screening for middle-aged men. In Quebec, twelve men are diagnosed daily.

How can you help in the current campaign? Encourage your loved ones to support men with prostate cancer and their families by donating or by buying the La Soirée Hockey PROCURE box, containing hockey essentials for only $99 (Real value: $155).

Remembering Jean Pagé

The participant (individual, team or league) that raises the most funds will win the Jean-Pagé Cup, Jean Pagé being the inspiration behind Les Soirées du Hockey PROCURE. Pagé, who did the play-by-play for the Soirée du Hockey on Radio-Canada for many years, died from prostate cancer in December 2019 more than 20 years after he was first diagnosed.

“We were all very impacted by what happened to Jean Pagé,” Dany Dubé said in an interview with the Laval News. “Prostate cancer is a disease that affects a lot of men in Quebec. And I think it’s important for we who are involved in the field of sports to raise awareness of the cause. Men’s health is important and needs to be talked about and shouldn’t be concealed. I support this cause and I do it in the best way I can.”

How you can help


  1. Register for free as a participant here: https://lsh.procure.ca/en/register.
  2. After registration, you can decide to take up the challenge alone or as a team. Simply open your profile to CREATE or JOIN an existing team.
  3. Raise funds.
  4. As soon as your registration is complete, rally hockey fans around you and suggest they make a donation or buy the LSH PROCURE box, intended for hockey players who want to make a real difference (Price: 99$ – Real value: 155$).

3- Pass the puck on social media. Share your engagment and your hockey memories on social media with the #LSHPROCURE.

Keep remembering that everyday the health of 12 Quebecers is put into play. That’s the equivalent of two teams on the ice.