Mouvement lavallois mayoralty candidate Stéphane Boyer has backing of Demers

Laval city councillor and executive-committee vice-president Stéphane Boyer, who was acclaimed on Wednesday as the Mouvement lavallois’s official candidate for mayor in November, has the backing of Mayor Marc Demers, the ML has announced.

“Mr. Boyer demonstrated on numerous occasions that he has the requisite experience to assume the functions of mayor,” Demers said in a statement, noting Boyer’s involvement in important past and current economic dossiers

First elected city councillor for Duvernay-Pont Viau in 2013, Boyer was appointed vice-president of the executive-committee (the second-most important city council post after the mayor) a year after the 2017 election, when then-executive-committee v.p. David De Cotis decided to abandon the Mouvement lavallois.

Boyer is currently leading the city administration’s first tentative effort to relaunch Laval’s econony through a wide-ranging program known as the Relance de Laval.