LPD arrests man for online threats to health-care workers

A 42-year-old man from Laval was arrested by the Laval Police last week after he allegedly posted threats against health-care workers administering COVID-19 vaccines.

According to Radio-Canada, the man seemed to be a follower of a Canadian sub-group adhering to Qanon conspiracy theories, led in part by a woman from British Columbia.

In a private online chat room, the suspect from Laval posted a press release for a vaccination program at his daughter’s school, claimed Radio-Canada.

Along with the release, he was reported to have written, “It’s time to go hunting bang bang.” The LPD said in a statement issued last week that they took the man’s comments “seriously” and immediately opened a file.

On Dec. 2, he was arrested and met with LPD investigators before being released. He was given conditions to observe, and signed a declaration in which he promised to appear in court at a later date. However, the LPD did not identify the man since he has not been formally charged.

Anyone who feels they have information regarding these kinds of threats they would like to share is asked to contact the LPD at their Info Line 450-662-INFO (4636), or by calling 9-1-1. The file number LVL 211126-085.

Laval man among suspects in RCMP firearms seizure

A 25-year-old man from Laval was among the suspects arrested on Nov. 26 by members of the Integrated RCMP Cornwall Border Integrity Team who intervened for a suspected firearms smuggling operation after a boat crossed the St. Lawrence River and made landfall near Cornwall.

According to the RCMP, three large bags were unloaded from the boat into a vehicle which departed the area. Soon after, the RCMP conducted a roadside stop of the vehicle and found a large number of restricted and prohibited firearms and high-capacity magazines.

Inti Falero-Delgado, 25 years old, from Laval, and Vladimir Souffrant, 49 years old, from Montreal, were arrested. The investigation found a total of 53 restricted and prohibited pistols, 6 prohibited rifles and 110 high-capacity magazines.

The RCMP believes the firearms in question were destined for criminal networks and illicit gun trafficking groups within Canada. The two suspects were charged with unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of firearm knowing its possession is unauthorized, and possession of weapons for purpose of trafficking.

They are also subject to additional charges under the Criminal Code and Customs Act. Falero-Delgado appeared in court to seek bail and was released with conditions, including a $10,000 bond and an electronic monitoring device he must wear. Vladimir Souffrant also appeared in court and was released with conditions, including a $2,000 bond. They are scheduled to appear again in court by video on January 11 next year.