Inspection authorities issue notice regarding smoked salmon from Lester’s Deli

Food inspection authorities with the provincial government as well as the City of Montreal are advising consumers not to eat a recent batch of smoked salmon sold by Lester’s Deli because of a labelling error involving the “best before” date.

According to an advisory issued on Friday by the provincial authority, 225 gram packets of Lester’s Deli smoked salmon were labeled as being for sale up to June 25 and only within Lester’s Deli which is located on Bernard Ave. in Montreal. It was sold in a refrigerated state in a plastic bag with a black backing.

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Lester’s Deli voluntarily agreed to the recall, while also agreeing that Quebec and the city would issue the advisory as a measure of precaution. Persons who have this product are advised not to eat it, and either to return it to Lester’s Deli or to throw it out.

The provincial food inspection authority noted that no cases of illness attributable to eating the recalled smoked salmon have been reported up to now.

Dénomination du produitFormatLot visé (date d’emballage)
« Saumon fume – smoked salmon »225 grUnités vendues jusqu’au 25 juin 2020

Quebec’s food inspection authority says the specific lot of Lester’s Deli smoked salmon can be identified by this label on it.