Curé Labelle/Notre Dame street repairs on track, say workers

Busy intersection now partly open, after being shut to traffic

Despite what appeared last week to be a work slowdown on road, sidewalk and sewer reconstruction taking place at the corner of Notre Dame and Curé Labelle boulevards, workers at the scene have reassured the Laval News that the project is moving steadily forward and is on schedule towards completion.

Traffic delays

The work, which has led to some traffic bottlenecks and inconveniences for local services and businesses, includes the replacement of a 200-mm drinking water main with a pipe measuring 400 mm to allow better water flow in the neighbourhood, and the addition of a second sewer drain to provide greater protection against sudden and extreme storm flooding.

Councillor Vasilios Karidogiannis told the Laval News previously that the intersection could be closed as late as June 24, although as of last week the intersection was partly open again and traffic was flowing north and south along Curé Labelle.

Area is growing

In the meantime, Notre Dame Blvd. immediately east and west of Curé Labelle remained closed, as the epicentre of the work shifted onto that street.

Work on this stretch is expected to be completed as the summer progresses.

The infrastructure work is necessary partly because of two major housing projects now underway.

One is on the north west corner of Curé Labelle and Notre Dame where the Récréathèque once stood, and a second around two blocks east where the Val-Martin social housing project is being rebuilt by the city.

The work will also be helping to alleviate sewer and water supply issues elsewhere in the district of l’Abord-à-Plouffe.