CISSS de Laval to hold Annual General Meeting on Nov. 19

With ongoing concerns about COVID-19 still on many people’s minds, the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux (CISSS) de Laval will be holding an online version of their annual general meeting on Thursday Nov. 19 from 7 to 7:30 pm.

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The Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux oversees public health and social services throughout the Laval region.

People from Laval will be able to take part in this “virtual” meeting and public information session, hosted by CISSS de Laval board chairman Yves Carignan and CEO Chantal Fiset, during a Zoom teleconference that can be logged into by going to this web address:

For those without computer, tablet or smartphone access, taking part in the meeting will also be possible by telephone. The number to call is (438) 809-7799, after which there will be a prompt to enter the following ID code: 816 9687 2267.

During the meeting, the following information on the CISSS de Laval from the past year will be presented:

  • Highlights of the 2019-2020 activities;
  • The financial report as of March 31, 2020;
  • The report on the implementation of the complaint review process;
  • The 2019-2020 activity report of the CISSS de Laval users’ committee.

The presentation will be followed by a question period. For instructions on participating in the question period, please go to

For more information on the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de Laval, you are invited to visit