Sunday, July 25, 2021

Chomedey U18 AAA pays homage to ‘Black Lives Matter’

Provincial league team beats Longueuil 3 – 1 in semi-final match

Wearing “Black Lives Matter” t-shirts as a gesture of solidarity with the growing anti-racism movement, members of the U18 AAA Chomedey soccer team won a semi-final match by a score of 3 – 1 last Saturday against Longueuil at Berthiaume-Du Tremblay Park.

“Our boys were very proud to wear the Black lives matter shirt and be part of the movement and we’re proud of them,” said Maria Kyrtatas, manager of U18 AAA Chomedey, a provincial league team.

Since Chomedey is home to many nationalities and cultures, the team members felt strongly that they wanted to make a statement on their support for the Black Lives Matter movement, she added.

“We thought that this would be a really good way, through sport, and since the team members have become so close, to voice their feelings about Black Lives Matter,” said Kyrtatas.

Martin C. Barry
LJI Reporter. A journalist with the Laval News since 2005. During his 24 years covering political and community issues in the Montreal region, Marty has won numerous journalism awards from the Quebec Community Newspapers Association for written coverage as well as for photography.

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