Laval City Hall

City Watch October 24 2018

City Watch    Integrated Urban Revitalization Initiatives in Laval The Executive Committee approved the agreement between the City of Laval and Quebec’s  Ministry of Municipal Affairs and...
Laval City Hall sign.

City Watch October 2018

City Watch   Alternative parking regulations delayed one month The executive committee has decided to delay the application of the alternative parking regulations that normally take effect...
Laval City Hall

City Watch September 2018

City Watch Financial assistance to the Regroupement du sport in Laval (Sports Laval) and to the Regional Council of Culture of Laval (CRCL) The executive committee...
Laval City Hall

City Watch September 12 2018

City Watch September 12 2018. Acquisitions for conservation purposes The executive committee authorized the purchase of two lots of  land covering a total area of ​​2,744.1...
Laval City Hall

City Watch May 11 2018

City Watch Acquisition for conservation purposes in L'Équerre Woodlands The City will acquire a lot of 766.4 square meters at a cost of $41,000 for conservation...
Laval City Hall

City Watch May 2nd, 2018

City Watch   Adding to Laval’s architectural heritage   In order to update and enrich Laval's architectural heritage, the City has added to its Inventory of Architectural Heritage...
Laval City Hall

Laval City Watch April 2018

City Watch Hôtel de ville de Laval, au 1 Place du Souvenir, Laval, Québec, Canada. A pilot project with Quebec’s Department of Health and Social Services...
Laval City Hall

Laval City Watch March 21 2018

Improvements in Laval parks The City of Laval will invite bids by public tender for renovation work to be done in parks throughout the city....
Laval City Hall

Laval City Watch March 2018

Support for seniors With the adoption of the 2018 budget city council voted for a 50% increase in the home support program for seniors aged...
Laval City Hall

Laval City Watch February 2018

Exchange of lands for Cousteau Park City Council authorized the acquisition of part of a lot (owned by Gestion Gilles Laurence) of approximately 28,468.4 square...


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