Car set ablaze by molotov cocktail on Faulkner St. in Chomedey

A Nissan Murano parked under a snow shelter in a driveway on Faulkner St. in Chomedey was set ablaze after being struck by a molotov cocktail during the night and early morning hours last Monday and Tuesday.

According to the Laval Police Department, around 4:30 am Tuesday several residents of the street called 911 to report the vehicle burning in the driveway, following which police and firefighters responded.

News reports, quoting a spokesperson for the LPD, confirmed that the incident is believed to be criminal in nature and arson investigators from the Laval Fire Department have opened an investigation.

According to a description of the event (in which no one was injured) furnished by a witness, a suspect was seen approaching the vehicle on foot, tossed an incendiary device, then fled the area.