Friday, September 24, 2021

Arrested Laval resident is a drug ‘kingpin,’ SPVM claims

The Service de Police de Montréal says a Laval resident they arrested last week during a raid at his home is the leader of a network that distributed powerful opioids, crystal methamphetamine, speed and up to 17 other substances made illegally in clandestine labs.

Raids conducted at the home of Bruno Desjardins, age 38, as well in vehicles belonging to accomplices, resulted in the seizure of thousands of tablets of synthetic painkillers and meth, as well as two taser guns and $7,000 cash.

The accomplices were identified by the SPVM as Jean-Philippe Deneault, 46, Krystel Devoy Belec, 35, and Gabrielle Poissant, 28.

Martin C. Barry
LJI Reporter. A journalist with the Laval News since 2005. During his 24 years covering political and community issues in the Montreal region, Marty has won numerous journalism awards from the Quebec Community Newspapers Association for written coverage as well as for photography.

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