Quebec Vaccination Registry Comes to Laval

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About the Registry
The Quebec Vaccination Registry is an electronic database which will eventually contain a precise record of all vaccinations received by individuals in Quebec.

All the information in the database is confidential, and only authorised persons have access.

It is important to keep your vaccination card and those of your children in a safe place and that you keep them up to date. The Québec Vaccination Registry does not replace these cards.

“This new tool will have many benefits for the public health agency and for health professionals, as well as anyone who receives a vaccination. The registry will permit the verification of a person’s vaccination history, regardless of where they were vaccinated. The registry will also allow us to better control epidemics, and to quickly trace everyone in the event that a batch of vaccines is recalled,” explained Dr. Claude Prévost, medical coordinator at CISSS of Laval.

CISSS of Laval will also use the registry as a means of solicitation and promotion of vaccinations for Laval residents. The vaccinated person has the right to opt out of receiving promotional material. An opt-out form is available on the website and at CISSS.

The Importance of Vaccinations
“Remember that vaccination is the best way to protect ourselves against many infectious diseases. The province can now count on a quality tool, able to substantially improve the prevention and control of diseases that can be effectively vaccinated against. We will see important benefits for children, teenagers, adults, and seniors who continue to be vaccinated every year,” concluded Dr. Prévost.

More information is available on the website:

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